Family Law

Family Law

Klosinski Overstreet’s family law attorneys represent clients in a variety of family law matter such as divorce, child custody, post-divorce modifications, visitation issues, prenuptial agreements and adoptions. We are committed to results-oriented problem solving for you and your family. Our services include litigation as well as alternatives such as mediation. We are committed to finding the best possible approach for the people we serve. Selecting the right attorney is critical to achieving the desired outcome. Our family law attorneys have years of experience negotiating and finalizing complex divorce agreements while focusing on the best interest of our clients and their children. Our years of experience have also taught us the importance of discretion. We are committed to keeping our clients’ private lives private.

Divorce can be an overwhelming experience for everyone involved. Every divorce is different and brings with its unique elements of stress, uncertainty and legal considerations. We understand that clients turn to us during stressful, emotionally charged times, and we’re here to advocate for them and guide them through the process. We also understand that some of the most important and emotionally difficult challenges in family law involve ensuring the wellbeing of the children who are affected. The attorneys at Klosinski Overstreet understand the emotional strain put on parents and children by a child custody action or divorce. Few people are prepared for the questions that arise and the many different facets of the divorce process that they will need to become familiar with, such as:

  • What should I expect from the process?
  • What should a property division look like?
  • Can I get alimony?
  • What happens with the children?
  • Do I have to pay child support, and if so, how much will that be?

The attorneys at Klosinski Overstreet will help you sort through the facts, find answers to your many questions, and develop a strategy that will allow you to look to the future with hope and resolve. We take the time to explain the process with the goal that you will emerge financially and emotionally intact.

For those merely concerned about the possibility of a divorce down the road, a prenuptial agreement is a reasonable precaution to take. Our attorneys have years of experience drafting prenuptial agreements and recognize that each client has a unique set of circumstances that require attention in the drafting of a prenuptial agreement. If you would like to explore this avenue of protecting your rights, attorneys at Klosinski Overstreet can assess your situation and determine if a prenuptial agreement would be appropriate for you and your unique situation.

Finally, we understand that after a final order for child custody and support, the situations of the parties can change resulting in the need of one party to seek modification. If you need to amend your final order or possession and access and child support, the attorneys at Klosinski Overstreet can help guide you through the modification process.

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